January 12-18, 2012

by Carrie Megginson
Published on January 12, 2012, 4:35am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: What's that up ahead? The big, suddenly noticeable thing you've never seen before in your life? Isn't it funny how one second you're all alone and on your own, and the next you're surrounded by a form of community such as you'd never previously envisioned? Is it funny or merely one of those twists and turns on the path of life necessary to convince us how little we understand of the larger forces shaping the world around us? There's an ace up your sleeve: use it!

Aries: Insanity doesn't run in your family, it saunters coolly and with a sense of entitlement. What can you do about it? What are you willing to do about it? If you can keep your head whilst all about you are losing theirs, you'll do just fine. Stick with the simple truths Friday.

Taurus: You're coming back into your own. You've got that large-as-life thing which worked so well for the classic cowboys of the cinematic West. Can you turn your enhanced presence into an enhanced opportunity for longer term success? Ask a Pisces after six.

Gemini: Start peering around corners and out from under shadowy movables. You're ready to go underground, to indulge in a little espionage, to play fast-and-loose with facts and numbers. You're on to exploit the means which the end justifies. Clean your closet carefully.

Cancer: Look out over the emerging situation. Where do you want to strengthen your contributions? How do you want to maximize your opportunities? What will you use to develop areas of weakness? When will you be able to see threats as legitimate challenges? Reflect.

Leo: Substance plays a role this time as well. Have you been minding your manners and keeping an eye on the details? If not, have you been able to find an appropriate individual or team to whom you may safely delegate those responsibilities? You're still unbroken!

Virgo: Sometimes, views are the most memorable. This time, it was the odors. Your nose brings powerful associations along with its current perceptions. Are you at the mercy of this notorious mnemonic trigger? Disentangle your common sense from the other five.

Libra: Are you lucky or only fortunate in your timing? It may be important to be able to make the distinction before the week is out. You have a close circle of cronies; call on them to provide feedback or to act as sounding boards when you're ready to decide.

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Scorpio: You've heard it all before. You've overheard even more than that. You're the master of listening without even appearing to be within earshot. So make a point of listening even more, and even more carefully. You'll receive an indirect message Sunday.

Sagittarius: Portents and omens fly at the edges of your visual range. If you turn to see them, they slip away or melt. Your dreams are as vivid, and as slippery. Take it as read that you're living in intensely interesting times. Believe you'll come out the other side.

Capricorn: Each step you take places you concretely along the path of your choosing. Stay alert. Be conscious. Prop your third eye open by force if necessary. Key material becomes available to those who look for it actively. Don't be afraid to set your standards high.

Aquarius: You're liking the tone life has taken. You're still not thrilled with your overhead. Could the flaw, if any, be in your assumptions? You may wish to call on someone more practiced at practicalities to give your budget a once-over before you start job hunting.

Pisces: Pennies from Heaven add up if you keep them together. You'll find the income streams from work you do on the side to be more significant now than ever before. Are you ready to make a new career for yourself? Would you like to be so self-directed? Have faith.

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