March 22-28, 2012

By Carrie Megginson
Published on March 22, 2012, 12:15pm | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Use your imagination. Plant the seeds of your future in the garden of the present. You'll need to tend your seeds to see them flourish and become productive. Pay attention to the requirements of your dreams for air, water and light. You yourself are the earth in which these seeds are imbedded. You provide the sustenance and structure that makes your aspirations real. Remember to focus continually on the physical world while tending to the intuitive in order to make the most of both parallel realities. Dance.

Aries: You are your own worst enemy. You are your own greatest resource. You are the alpha and omega of authorities on becoming your most authentic self. With this much excitement all around you, plan a quiet spring getaway. Look for spa options and comfy napping.

Taurus: You come into your own this weekend. You don't mind being the center of attention when the attention is positive and you're also proud of the reason. Celebrate your new beginnings with fitting jollity and joy. It took real spine to get you where you are today. Release.

Gemini: Once around the block and you're almost dizzy. It's amazing how burning the candle at both ends can catch right up with you. You're cruising for a bout of spring fever if you don't throttle back. Think about taking your vitamins, getting your sleep and managing stress.

Cancer: Here at the cusp of the season you're in a reflective mode. You want the best for yourself, but you're not at all certain what that means anymore. Your ironclad go-to resources have been melting away like early spring snowfall. Take a personal inventory. Count everything!

Leo: You've been here before. Or else you have dreadful déjà vu. All right, you can skip orientation since you know your way around. Will you fall into old patterns in this familiar environment? Will you take the time to improve your weaknesses, capitalize on your strengths?

Virgo: There's a rhythm to the world. There's a pace to your growth. When the two coincide, you get more bang for your buck than just about anyone. You're in that zone. You can see the climacterics leading up to this point. You can see their best-case outcomes. Leave early.

Libra: Don't dismiss what you haven't had time to investigate. You can't trust the gossip this time around, even considering the source. So buckle down and put the time aside to inform yourself using your own research. Find corroborating evidence before you act.

Scorpio: Time and tide are merely the earthiest forms of destiny. There are others. Some are invisible, driven by emotion and vision. You are much afflicted with these. And you are much torn by your unending duties to the ''real'' world. Don't eliminate. Instead, split your time.

Sagittarius: If it were any more fun, it definitely wouldn't be legal. Is that why you feel so guilty when you're being so productive? Quit beating yourself up. You choose to enjoy the life you handed yourself. Others have the option, whether they recognize it or not!

Capricorn: You can if you want to. No, really. But you'll have to want to a great deal. Now, start making lists. And start figuring out what your ''must haves'' are and where you're open to compromise. If you don't have a fallback position prepared, you're courting chaos.

Aquarius: It might not be seemly to feel such delight at the discomfort of those who tormented you (unwittingly or not). You're not repentant, and you don't owe an apology anywhere since you're also able to maintain legendary discretion. Loose lips sink ships!

Pisces: Don't believe everything you read. Don't believe everything you hear. Do believe in the power of your active imagination. Do go for what makes the most difference to you, whether others see the utility of your choices or not. You're on the right track this time.

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