June 14-20, 2012

By Carrie Megginson
Published on June 14, 2012, 5:41am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're looking at integrating what you've already learned with what you hope to accomplish if you can only survive the next big pile of business coming down the pike at full tilt. You'll find your good intentions run headlong into obstacles, which look larger from a distance than they are up close. Shelve your dread and deal with your demons – one at a time. Don't cave in to outside pressures. You need to get going, but you'd do well if you did so at your own pace.

Aries: This is the time, and this is the place. You're charged up, ready to meet new people and try fresh activities. Would you consider taking a deep breath and finishing all the little projects you already have in play before you ride off to your next adventure? Meditate.

Taurus: You can't do it anymore, and you're not satisfied. This much is true. Still, you may find you have a different perspective if you can talk out your concerns and your choices with a trusted crony. Don't be hasty in your efforts to clear a path to your preferred life.

Gemini: You're talking and you can't be discreet. You're talking, even in your sleep. You're talking and you're not even making a lot of sense. Do you have the time and space to drop back and calm down? Do you have the focus to reflect and observe? Take a yoga class.

Cancer: You're not as far along as you'd hoped you could be. You're not as engaged in the process as you'd anticipated. You're even burnt out and becoming a little bitter. You have justice on your side, but you'd get a lot further if you could also employ mercy Sunday.

Leo: You have a crossroads before you, and if you could depersonalize the options, you might have a better shot at making the best of all possible decisions. Try to stand outside yourself. Try to become neutral. If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be?

Virgo: Will you walk the same road because it's what you're used to? Will you follow the herd because you don't have a better idea? Will you let yourself be swept along by the current of your own life? Or would you be better served by making real choices? Reflect.

Libra: Now, more than ever, you find yourself wondering if your life would be completely different if you'd chosen the other way that time. In your darkest moods, you wonder if it would have been different at all. Cheer up, you have some fresh alternatives in play.

Scorpio: Before you begin sitting shivah for your hopes, you may want to check and see that they're really, really dead. In fact, you'd be wise to assume they aren't and proceed from there. You're enough in love with the drama to be in danger of losing the reality.

Sagittarius: When was the last time you were happy as a clam? Don't worry, you're not likely to be so joyous just this minute. But you do have the choice of clearing the way to make future happiness an ongoing truth. Don't give up. Get better and get on with life.

Capricorn: You're under the gun, and the damned burden weighs a ton. While you didn't know what the effort would entail when you got started, you're neither naive nor a fraidy-cat. So gird up your spiritual loins and get back on that horse. Enjoy the view from up there.

Aquarius: You're not the only one who's been frustrated by the recent shift. You're not the only one who's found life to be a chore lately. You're not the only one to look in the mirror and wish to see another life reflected. Change starts today. Change starts with you.

Pisces: Go for it. The times are weird, and they're not getting less so anytime soon. If you've wanted to head out the distance on that crazy limb of the tree, this is definitely the time to go the distance there. You'll find you have better company by Friday night. Enjoy!

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