All posts tagged "brad pitt"

  • Mobster Capitalism

    If you're looking for a mediocre night at the movie theater, look no further than Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly. It has everything: a retread...

  • NOM Seeks To Capitalize on Brad Pitt’s HRC Donation

    Same-sex-marriage opponents are seeking to capitalize on the latest high-profile donation supporting marriage-equality efforts in Maryland, Maine, Washington and Minnesota. In a fundraising email sent...

  • Numbed by Nazis

    One hundred and forty minutes is an awful lot of foreplay for a 10-minute payoff. Yet that’s what Quentin Tarantino is requiring of audiences who...

  • Stalled

    Old men say the darndest things. Though sometimes those things are racial slurs so vulgar that they can't be printed here. In Gran Torino, Clint...

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