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  • Round House Lodger

    "Fool for Love" marks Marty Lodge's 40th Round House Theatre production

  • Extraordinary Ordinary Days at Round House

    Ordinary Days is the rare musical that ends before you're ready to part with it

  • Hear Them Roar

    ''And that's the time I bought the gun.'' Rita Lyons drops that hysterical bombshell in the midst of recounting a sordid family story in Nicky...

  • Post-Halloween Gory Theater at Round House

    Halloween and the Day of the Dead may be over for another year, but gory tales never really go out of fashion in a season when...

  • Victorian-Flavored Frights

    '' I spent a lot of time working on tall ships and traveling,'' Sabrina Mandell says. No, Mandell, founder of Happenstance Theater Company, isn't...

  • Couples, Killed and Comedic

    Surely no one needs a spoiler alert about Romeo and Juliet. After all, what is probably William Shakespeare's most popular and most accessible play is...

  • Misanthropic Mamet

    Round House Theatre does very well by playwright David Mamet with its new production of Glengarry Glen Ross, which many consider to be Mamet's best...

  • Crown of Shadows at the Round House Theatre

    Jason Gray Pratt’s Crown of Shadows: The Wake of Odysses is having its world premiere at the Round House Theatre. It offers a gripping, modern...

  • Life as Cabaret

    Early last year, Will Gartshore broke his wrist curling. ''A freak curling accident,'' he concedes. ''Very Canadian.'' Didn't know Gartshore was Canadian, eh? Since the...

  • Fundamentally Flawed

    For all the suffering that's been heaped upon gays onstage over the years -- from the alcoholic angst of The Boys in the Band to...

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