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In Good Conscience: Sister Jeannine Gramick’s Journey of Faith

Reel Affirmations 2004

Review by Will O’Bryan

Rating: starstarstarstar (4 out of 5)

Saturday, 10/23/2004, 12:00 PM
Feature presentation, $9 at Lincoln Theatre

SISTER JEANNINE Gramick may not be a household name, though many gay people have heard of her. She’s the gay-friendly nun who stood up to the Vatican. Well, yes, but her story deserves much more attention.

Barbara Rick’s documentary about Gramick, In Good Conscience: Sister Jeanine Gramick’s Journey of Faith offers a profile of a hero whose courage, humility, warmth and charm are living testament to the noblest definition humanity. From St. Peter’s Square, to a sidewalk with some of the Rev. Fred Phelps’s homophobic minions, to an afternoon at her local beauty parlor, Rick’s portrait of Gramick is rich.

Rather than interview others about their opinions of Gramick, Rick has created a film that allows viewers to simply observe Gramick interact in a variety of milieus. Gramick’s constancy, honesty and optimism are a joy to watch.

Conscience expertly allows audiences to revisit a story they thought they may have already heard. Regardless of one’s views on the Catholic church, or religion and gays, anyone can appreciate Gramick’s story, as well as Rick’s thorough and respectful style of presenting it.

In Good Conscience: Sister Jeannine Gramick's Journey of Faith
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