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Laughing Matters … More!

Reel Affirmations 2006

Review by Nancy Legato

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Sunday, 10/15/2006, 1:00 PM
Feature presentation, $9 at Lincoln Theatre

NORTH KOREAN nuclear testing? War in Iraq? Gay Republican congressman bites the political dust? (Okay, that last one doesn’t really upset me.) While the world gives us lots to cry about, it’s true that we can always use more grist for the humor mill. One thing about the queer community — no matter how rough things get, we can always turn to our queer sisters and brothers to keep us laughing.

This year Laughing Matters . . . More! from documentary filmmaker Andrea Meyerson combines sublime slices of live performances and even livelier group interviews with four hysterical comics: Rene Hicks, Sabrina Matthews, Elvira Kurt and Vickie Shaw. I love these women not just because they make me laugh, but also because they make straight people laugh. They’re able to do both by being completely true to themselves as women, as queers, and simply as witty, human observers. Hicks, Matthews, Kurt and Shaw trip the light fantastically funny on subjects as varied as the real criteria for schizophrenia (”Does it count if it’s just your mother’s voice you hear?”) to George W. Bush wanting to be known as the education president. These women fire up a light at the end of that tunnel of the ”Serious Lesbian” stereotype.

While the stage bits are laugh-out-loud funny, what separates Laughing Matters…More! from any old Comedy Central special are the group conversations. Meyerson was smart enough to sit these four down together and seemingly let their chemistry take care of the rest. Individually, these are four very funny comics. Together, they’re the fantastic four of funny.

Also showing: Mistaken Identity ( ).

Please note: A women’s filmaker’s Brunch precedes the screening at 11 a.m. Tickets to both the brunch and the screening cost $35. — NL

Laughing Matters ... More!

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