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Fighting Back

Washington, D.C. HIV/AIDS organizations to hold march during American Public Health Association meeting

If Washington was compared not to other cities, but to entire countries, “It would rank in between the Republic of Congo and Rwanda in terms of HIV-infection rates,” according to DC Fights Back!, a local HIV/AIDS advocacy group that works to engage D.C. residents in HIV/AIDS advocacy, prevention and treatment plans.

That means one in every 20 people living in D.C. is infected with HIV and one in every 50 people has AIDS.

DC Fights Back! will join the Metropolitan Washington Public Health Association on Saturday, Nov. 3, for an HIV/AIDS march and “speak out” as part of this year’s American Public Health Association meeting in Washington.

“Given that our nation’s capital has one of the highest AIDS rates in the country and as many as one in 20 residents are HIV positive, we have organized two events to engage more people in the struggle against HIV/AIDS and to discuss the relationship between ill health, HIV and the many social disparities that exist in our nation’s capital,” reads a statement issued jointly by the two groups.

The march is scheduled to step off from the intersection of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenues SE at noon. The Speak Out is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Washington Highlands Library, 115 Atlantic St. SW.

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