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Circle of Friends

Reel Affirmations 2007

Review by Tim Plant

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Saturday, 10/20/2007, 11:45 AM
Feature presentation, $10 at Lincoln Theatre

LOCAL MUSIC-SCENE favorite Bob Mould, well-known for his Blowoff dance parties at the 9:30 Club, headlines the concert film Circle of Friends, which, appropriately enough, takes place at the 9:30 Club. Fans of Mould’s music over the years will rejoice, but the film proves that nothing beats a live concert.


Circle of Friends features four excellent musicians — Mould, Richard Morel, Brendan Canty and Jason Narducy — and everyone should have a circle of friends like these. Together, the four create musical wonders. Their energy is evident, if not captured, on film, and the variety of music played is great to listen to, but the visuals just aren’t up to par.

The biggest shortfall of the concert film is that the venue was lit for a live show, not filming. Great effects on stage turn into grainy and dark shots on film. Stage equipment blocks shots and scenes jump wildly as transitions are made from one handheld camera to the next. The few crowd shots used to fill space between sets are even more obscured, so don’t expect to see yourself if you were at the concert.

A brief pre-concert conversation with the band members is a great addition, highlighting that the harmony on stage is matched off the stage. Circle of Friends is great for those fans that just can’t get enough, but it’s no substitute for the real deal. — TP

[Editor’s Note: Bob Mould will perform a brief acoustic set following the Circle of Friends screening.]

Circle of Friends
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