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I’ve always had a personal struggle in the gym, specifically when moving up in weight during an exercise. After reading an article over at T-Nation concerning some specific exercise tips, I’ve changed the way I count my reps. Instead of counting up from 1, I start at the top and count down. I personally associate this with things like rocket launches, and it gives me that mental edge at the 2… 1… I even say, “Lift off!” on the last rep, as I’m grinding it out. Give it a shot! [T-Nation]

Many people have seen the movie, but Soylent Green is now something of a reality. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem as gruesome as the 1973 sci-fi flick made it out to be, with creator Rob Rhinehart’s Soylent containing all of his daily nutrients and not a hint of human flesh — hopefully. [Vice]

The giants are living among us. Over in Iceland, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is making a splash for the upcoming Strongman competition. He stands at 6’9″ and 386 pounds and goes by the most appropriate nick name “Thor”. Just have a look at the photo… [The Reykjavik Grapevine]

A very nice user over at Reddit, “guyontheinterwebs”, has made an incredible spreadsheet of food that is listed in order of best to worst for just about any given nutrient. It’s pretty incredible and he’s made it available to everyone for free! Here is a link to the spreadsheet. [SkyDrive]

Anyone remember that joke in grade school, “Your epidermis is showing!”? Well, let’s make sure it looks damn good, since it is. Here are 6 skin care mistakes men make. [How to Grow a Moustache]

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