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Another week falls off the calendar as everyone’s fitness is improving (at least I hope so!). We’ve decided to move the weekly links to Mondays to give readers more time to implement anything they find interesting.

  • Many don’t know what it takes to become an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. Here is a gentle giant that goes by the pseudonym “Big Ramy” and it’s not one of those ironic names. This is his back workout 3 weeks away from the biggest contest of his life. [Flex Online]
  • In terms of Olympic Lifting, there are two accessories that can greatly improve your lifting. The first is the miracle hand drying chalk. The second, weight lifting shoes. Yes, there are shoes for this, and here’s why you should wear them. [Lift Big, Eat Big]
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, spending more money on fitness gear isn’t something everyone is keen on. Here’s a very simple, body weight exercise routine courtesy of Project Swole. It only requires your body and a chair. [Project Swole]
  • RunBlogger has done some more digging into Addidas claims that their “Boost” running shoe actually decreases the energy it takes to stride. Here’s an objective look at it. [RunBlogger]
  • Music has been scientifically proven to increase physical output. Especially upbeat, fast music that mimics the pace you want to achieve. Here’s a song by The Freestylers I’ve been pushing up my playlist. (Warning, mildly explicit lyrics.) [YouTube]

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