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Television: 31 New Shows for 2013

Fall Arts Preview 2013

Mob City — TNT is throwing its hat into the ring with a drama set in 1940s L.A. Following the struggles between a corrupt police force and an ever-increasing network of criminals, it doesn’t look half bad. A decent cast is on board, attempting to act through various Instagram filters (L.A. was very grey in the ’40s, apparently) and Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont is keeping things in line. It’s only six episodes long, so it could be worth the relatively short time investment. (TNT, 12/4)

Mom — Allison Janney is back on network television! Yay! In a multi-camera CBS sitcom! No! Even Janney can’t Jackal her way out of this mediocrity, which stars, and similarly wastes, the ever-watchable Anna Faris as a recently sober single mom trying to restart her life. (CBS, 9/23)

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland — A spin-off of Once Upon a Time and based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice, the story takes place in present-day and pre-Curse Wonderland, with crossover episodes and similar storylines to its parent series. If you’re a fan of OUAT, this should help round out your weekly viewing schedule. (ABC, 10/10)

Reign — Sometimes you really need to question the CW. This is a drama that follows a heavily fictionalized account of Mary, Queen of Scots, during her early life in France in the 16th century. Downton Abbey this isn’t. With supernatural elements, drama, murder, sex and so many beautiful people, it’s classic CW fare. Spoilers: Queen Elizabeth has Mary beheaded in 1587. (CW, 10/17)

Sean Saves The World — Our token gay show! Thanks, NBC, for continuing to try, but I’d much rather be watching The New Normal. Sean Hayes in a multi-camera NBC sitcom used to be a good thing. Here, with tired jokes, it’s not. It’ll likely be watchable, but you’re not advancing any causes by doing so. (NBC, 10/3)

Sleepy Hollow — Utterly insane, but in a pretty compelling way. Ichabod Crane dies after beheading a man in 1790, and wakes in 2014 Sleepy Hollow, along with the now Headless Horseman. Paired with an African-American female sheriff — cue slavery references and colonial gender-role mishaps — the pair must fight to stop a homicidal Horseman adapting to 21st century weapons. See? Insane. Watch it. (Fox, 9/16)

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