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Coverboy: Scott

Coverboy: Bartenders Edition

Coverboy: Scott

Coverboy: Scott

Mustard, mayo or ketchup?
All of them. Together’s fine, too.

Madonna or Britney?
Jessica Simpson.

What’s your favorite cocktail to make?
My favorite cocktail to make is anything that somebody truly enjoys. Even if it’s a vodka-Diet Coke and they love the way I make it, that’s my favorite.

What’s your theme song?
“My Kind of Party.”

You become master of the world. What’s your first act?
I have a setup for that. When I hit the lottery, which is coming up soon, I’m going to buy an island. I’m going to invite everybody I know. We’ll have a nice big party. I’ll have a video camera so I can blackmail them later if I run out of money.

Cuddling: The best or a waste of time?
I like cuddling. Being with another person is enjoyable.

What are you most grateful for?
I’m most grateful for my life. Being happy every day.

What would you die for?
My country.

What’s your motto?
Live each day as you can.