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7 things to splurge on for your pets

An assortment of items for your cherished companions

As the weather improves and summer vacations approach, it’s tempting to start splurging on yourself — a new swimsuit, a weekend getaway or finally fixing that broken AC for D.C.’s inevitable humidity. Whatever your future shopping plans, don’t forget to pamper your furriest life partner. Some delicious treats, tempting catnip or revitalizing shampoo — there are numerous ways to show some cash-fueled love for your pet. We’ve trawled the DMV area to find eight great gifts guaranteed to thrill any pampered pooch or coddled kitty.

Aroma Paws


Photography by Todd Franson

Luxury Dog Shampoo & Conditioner $14
Deodorizing Dog Coat Spray $14

1232 9th St. NW
Washington, D.C.

As much as we love our dogs, there is one inevitable eventuality that comes from ownership: they can, on occasion, be fairly aromatic. That’s putting it mildly, of course. Aroma Paws deodorizing dog spray and combination shampoo/conditioner are specifically engineered for dogs, utilizing organic, eco-friendly, bio-degradable ingredients that will leave your best friend smelling great and feeling fresh. Available in a wide variety of scents, from jasmine and sweet violet to mandarin, green tea and grapefruit, there are scents to suit every nose, both human and canine. As an added bonus to seal the deal, the deodorizing sprays can also be used to freshen any fabrics your dog comes into contact with. No more lingering surprises the next time your dog decides to jump into bed.

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