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Aaron Schock’s father: My son isn’t gay, he’s just different

Aaron wears stylish clothing and yet he’s not gay…and he’s not married and he’s not running around with women, so everybody is throwing up their arms.”


–Dr. Richard Schock, father of Congressman Aaron Schock, speaking with Chicago’s ABC7.

“Aaron is a little different,” his father said, addressing the rampant rumors over his son’s sexuality. Schock, a Republican, resigned this week amid a series of scandals regarding his expenses and earnings. He has repeatedly voted against pro-LGBT legislation in Congress, but has fueled rumors about his sexuality by posing for Men’s Health, decorating his office to resemble a room from Downton Abbey, and hiring a young, attractive videographer/photographer to accompany him on business trips.

“Two years from now he’ll be successful, if he’s not in jail,” Dr. Shock continued. “If they’re going to convict him on paperwork, then they’re going to convict him. That’s their privilege. They’re out to get him and they’re making issues out of things that really shouldn’t be issues.”

Watch the ABC segment below:

Image Credit: Aaron Schock / Facebook

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