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ISIS murders two more gay men by throwing them from roof

ISIS executes blindfolded victims by stoning them to death after their fall


ISIS have once again executed men accused of being gay by throwing them from the roof of a high building.

Warning: Graphic images follow


In the latest images, which surfaced on social media yesterday, two men are shown being led blindfolded into a building by Islamic State militants. The two men are then positioned in front of a wall at the roof of the building, before being held over the edge and dropped to the ground. The men are then shown on the ground, surrounded by bloodied stones, while one militant clutches a rock. The stones were presumably used to execute the men should they have survived the fall.


ISIS’s barbaric code of laws are based on an extreme interpretation of Islamic law and homosexuality, among many other crimes, is punishable by death. It’s the latest in a string of murders of gay men in ISIS’s captured territory. In June, three men were dropped 100 feet to their death on suspicion of being gay, as a large crowd watched. In April, ISIS militants as well as a crowd of men and boys stoned a man to death for being gay. Later that same month, in a bizarre act of barbarism, ISIS militantsopenly embraced and “forgave” two men before stoning them to death, one for being gay. Last year, ISIS militants pushed a gay man from the roof of a building in another part of Iraq.


The Daily Mail reports that the images come just days after ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi commanded his militants to cease depicting graphic executions in the group’s videos. A letter was apparently sent to media offices asking that violence be edited from shared content to avoid offending other Muslims.

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