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A MAGIC (softball) weekend: The Mid-Atlantic Gay Invitational Classic Softball Tournament

This year's annual MAGIC Softball Tournament is several months earlier -- and all the better for it

CAPS softball

Getting people excited about a tournament a month after the Gay World Series proved too formidable a task. So Washington, D.C.’s Chesapeake and Potomac Softball League decided to move its Mid-Atlantic Gay Invitational Classic — or MAGIC, for short — from October to July. And the results have been nearly magical.

“It’s one of those last regional tournaments before the World Series,” says Tony Mace, commissioner of the CAPS League, noting that registrations are up. “Teams that are going to the World Series can now get some extra practice.”

Held in Prince George’s County, Md., next weekend, MAGIC will feature 42 teams from across the country. Teams engage in round robin-style play for seeding on Saturday, July 1, after which they’ll take part in a double elimination tournament on Sunday, until a winner is crowned.

MAGIC is free to the public, but CAPS will be selling beer at the fields, to raise funds for next year’s event and spectators are encouraged to take part in the “party in the park.”

“We like to have people come and hang out all day, watch softball, drink beer,” says Mace. “We’ll have cornhole. And we’re looking at doing a kickball game Sunday, once teams start getting eliminated and fields start opening up. We just have fun all day long.”

The Mid-Atlantic Gay Invitational Classic Softball Tournament runs from July 1 to 2 at Tucker Road, 1770 Tucker Rd., Fort Washington, Md., and at Watkins Regional Park, 301 Watkins Park Dr., Upper Marlboro, Md. For more information and a full schedule of parties and events, visit

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