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Most Republicans think America has “gone too far” in accepting trans people

Meanwhile, most Democrats think we haven't gone far enough in accepting transgender people

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Most Republicans think America has “gone too far” in accepting transgender people, while 80% believe gender is determined by sex at birth.

The findings, part of a Pew Research Center survey, show a clear difference on transgender issues between Democrats and Republicans.

While 57% of GOP supporters think America has gone too far in accepting transgender people, 60% of those who are Democrat or Democrat-leaning think we haven’t gone far enough.

About a third of Americans say society has gone too far in accepting transgender people

A vast majority of Republicans think gender is determined by sex at birth, whereas almost two-thirds of Democrats believe gender can differ from assigned sex.

And Republicans are almost totally agreed on both matters, regardless of educational attainment. Conversely, the higher the educational attainment for a Democrat supporter, the greater their support for transgender issues — 72% of Democrats with a bachelors degree or higher think society hasn’t gone far enough in accepting trans people, versus 54% of those who didn’t complete college.

Outside of political affiliation, America is divided on trans issues. On gender being determined by sex at birth, 54% of adults think that’s the case, versus 44% who believe gender can differ.

On the matter of transgender acceptance, 39% think America hasn’t gone far enough, 32% think we’ve gone to far, and 27% think the level of acceptance has “been about right.”

In terms of exposure to transgender issues, 37% of Americans personally know someone who is transgender, and Pew found that knowing a trans person leads to greater acceptance of trans rights. Just over half of Americans (52%) who know a transgender person think we need to do more to accept trans people in America. Of those who don’t know a transgender person, only 31% support greater acceptance.

Bringing it back to politics, Democrats are more likely to know someone who is transgender — 43%, versus 28% of Republicans.

It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that the nation’s first ever transgender person elected to a state legislature is Democrat Danica Roem. Or, indeed, that it is largely the Republican party that continues to push anti-transgender “bathroom bills” around the country — though Democrats aren’t immune to this.

And, let’s not forget, the President — a Republican — wants to ban all transgender people from serving in the military.

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