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Australia’s first same-sex marriage tragically ends after just 48 days

Jo Grant's marriage to Jill Kindt lasted just 48 days before she lost her battle with a rare form of cancer

The first same-sex marriage under Australia’s new marriage equality laws tragically ended last week. Jo Grant passed away due to a rare form of cancer, just 48 days after being able to wed her partner of eight years Jill Kindt.

Grant’s family allowed parliament to announce her passing this week and detail how many officials helped the couple to be married for as long as possible by waiving the 30-day waiting period because of her illness.

“This is a love story of the deep bond between Jo Grant and Jill Kindt,” state Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath. “This is also an inspiring story of the extraordinary length our staff went to, to make this historic marriage happen before it was too late. She passed away knowing she got to fulfill her wish to get married to the person she loved.”

The couple held a “promise day” back in 2013 and considered themselves each other’s spouses, despite its lack of legal recognition.

According to ABC Local, Kindt said they were humbled by the effort it took to marry them for even the brief time they were.

“We were overwhelmed by the fact the people who did not know us made something that we wanted happen and gave us a whole heap of joy,” Kindt said, adding, “I’m glad the story’s been told for Jo, and I loved hearing her name being said in Parliament today.”

“Jo and I got to be legally married for 48 days. I’ll take that.”

Grant and Kindt were the first of 159 same-sex couples who have tied the knot under the marriage equality laws in Queensland since its passing.

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