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Starbucks releases rainbow-colored reusable cups for Pride month

Coffee chain says the tumbler is "just the beginning of Starbucks support of the 50th anniversary of Pride month"



Starbucks has released a new, rainbow-hued reusable cup as part of the coffee chain’s Pride month celebrations.

The cup, which retails for $16.95 and is available for a limited time at stores in the United States and Canada, features the word “LOVE” on a rainbow background, and is designed to celebrate “pride, kindness, love, and diversity.”

The cup, which is designed for cold drinks, also features a white lid and white, reusable straw.

Starbucks says that the cup is “just the beginning of Starbucks support of the 50th anniversary of Pride month,” and that the company is committed to “a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity” in its stores.

“In addition to health benefits for partners in LGBTQ relationship, the company has also supported partners who are transgender or considering transitioning, and even broadened health care coverage to include gender reassignment surgery,” Starbucks told press.

The 24 oz cups are already on sale and apparently selling fast, as they’re already hitting eBay for huge markups.

Reaction on social media for the (slightly gaudy) cups has been largely positive.

One user called the new cups “the highlight of my week,” while another said they are “too cute.”

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User Terrin Hurtado asked Starbucks if it could release a reusable Pride hot cup, while another user, @Chrisluvsplants, offered a cute story of he and a Starbucks barista getting excited about the new cup.

“At Starbucks today me and the barista got really excited over the new pride cups together,” he wrote, “and started chanting ‘gay cups, gay cups, gay cups’ in a whisper at the checkout counter…Long story short I’m in love with the barista🌈”

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