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Metro Weekly Print Edition: Chris Urquiaga – September 19, 2019 [PDF]

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Cover Story: The Next Big Thing – With a voice potent, sweet, and rich, and songwriting skills to match, Chris Urquiaga is poised to take the pop world by storm. Interview by Randy Shulman. Photography by Julian Vankim.

Featured Story: Bigoted Beliefs – Vice President Mike Pence believes that being gay is “a choice” and “learned behavior.” By Rhuaridh Marr.

Featured Review: Middle Aged – The magnificent Edward Gero portrays Shakespeare’s Falstaff as if the character has been written anew. By Kate Wingfield

Spotlight: Bob Mould p.7 Out On the Town p.10 The Feed: Designing Discrimination p.20 Community: Affirming Synagogue p.21 Community Calendar p.21 SCENE: DC Center’s Fall Reception p.23 Film: Downton Abbey p.33 Film: Hustlers p.34 Stage: Love Sick p.36 Stage: Fairview p.37 Stage: What the Constitution Means to Me p.38 Nightlife: Imperial Court of DC’s Coronation VIII p.39 Nightlife Listings p.40 Nightlife Highlights p.41 Last Word p.46

Patron Saint: Freddie Mercury – Cover Photography: Julian Vankim

Randy Shulman is Metro Weekly's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. He can be reached at

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