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Texas Republican compares Log Cabin gay group to murderers, thieves, and adulterers

The GOP once again denied Log Cabin Republicans a booth at the state party convention

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Sue Evenwel with Sen. Ted Cruz — Photo: Facebook

A Republican official in Texas has compared the Log Cabin Republicans — an organization for LGBTQ conservatives — to groups that advocate for murderers, burglars, and adulterers.

Sue Evenwel, chairwoman of the Titus County Republican Party and a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, made the comparison on Facebook, Raw Story reports.

Evenwel was responding to a post by former Houston LCR president Marco Antonio Roberts, who wrote a lengthy rebuttal to some of the reasons being given for denying the organization a booth at the party’s state convention.

The state party continued a more than two-decade-long tradition of denying Log Cabin a booth at the convention, claiming the group runs counter to the party’s platform opposing same-sex marriage.

But Evenwel went one step further, putting Log Cabin in the same league as a group that would advocate for murderers.

“LCR members have total access to the entire Republican party experience,” she wrote. “As individuals they are Pct. Chairman, Deputy Volunteer Voter Registratrs, Republican election workers, convention delegates, convention committee members and are able to testify during hearings. The only thing being questioned is Republican convention booth policy. That’s the big issue and difference.

“As a group it is no longer about an individual participating, but it is an express advocacy group, and the LCR’s unique identity is homosexuality which is in conflict with the principles & platform of the Republican Party,” she continued. “The party would also not allow express advocacy groups for murders, burglars, adulterers or fornicators, yet there may be some among us dealing with those issues who are also Republicans working and voting for our candidates.”

Roberts didn’t respond to Evenwel’s comment, but a number of other people did, calling her out for the comparison to murder advocacy groups and for the hypocrisy of allowing other groups to appear at the party convention that contravene the state GOP’s platform.

“We have had booths promoting gambling, drinking, pot, unions, groups who endorse Dems, groups who engage in imminent domain…,” one person wrote. “By my count, past booths have been in conflict with Commandments 1, 5, 7, 8, and 10. Is it ok for a group to violate a Biblical commandment, as long as they comply with all ten of our Platform Principles?”

Another person wrote that the party had allowed “plenty of politicians that vote or speak against our principles,” adding, “the idea that LCR was just compared to murderers is quite telling.”

One commenter sarcastically noted the hypocrisy of the Texas GOP passing a resolution supporting Donald Trump, who has been accused of sexual assault and adultery.

Many older members of the State Republican Executive Committee, which voted to reject Log Cabin’s application for a booth, oppose recognizing the group because of a plank in the party’s platform that opposes the legalization of same-sex marriage.

In a committee meeting in January, State Sen. Bob Hall (R-Edgewood) said that LGBTQ groups promote “unnatural sex” and claimed Log Cabin members lack a basic belief in God.”

“They don’t have the basic belief in the God of the Bible that we are founded on,” Hall said. “I could not find anywhere on their website an expression of their faith in God like you will find on a Republican website.”

Log Cabin gained support for their bid from the Young Republicans and from rising GOP star U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Houston), who wrote a letter to the committee saying that the group had “worked tirelessly” to support Republican candidates and other conservative causes in rapidly Democratic-trending Houston.

“For our party to win at the local, state and national levels, we need to embrace all that support our conservative policy and principles,” Crenshaw wrote. “Disagreements over certain policy issues should not be enough to exclude a group.”


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