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  • Guardian Angel: Tony Kushner

    Two decades after his magnum opus "Angels in America," Tony Kushner continues to expound on gay topics

  • 11 hottest cars of the LA Auto Show

    It’s that time of year again. The holidays are beckoning, Black Friday is looming, cold weather is slowly encroaching and the world’s car manufacturers have...

  • Buffoonery on the Brink

    The brinkmanship in Washington is getting a little heady, so let's summarize: The thug from Texas by way of Princeton and Harvard says to The...

  • Family at Cliffside

    The greatest contribution of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln is that it shows our 16th president not marching majestically toward Mount Rushmore, but deeply immersed in the...

  • Log Cabin Fever

    Lincoln is why Hollywood should exist. Steven Spielberg's wonderful film about our 16th president isn't a war epic or a maudlin biography. The film only...

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