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  • Welcome Revival: Phazefest comes to the 9:30 Club

    Phazefest returns to celebrate the queer music scene, in a significantly larger venue

  • Amped Up for Phazefest

    Frankie & Betty is ready to show off its electric new sound at Phazefest

  • New Year’s Dancing

    Some people like to stay home and keep things low-key and quiet on New Year’s Eve. Fortunately, D.C. has plenty of options for the rest...

  • Hunter Valentine returns to PhaseFest this weekend

    Hunter Valentine returns for wild fun at PhaseFest

  • Art Party

    When Mikey Torres decided to start a queer-focused, performance-based party, he didn't want to just copy what he liked about Town's holiday-Sunday party, WTF, or...

  • Intimate Festival

    ''We've had crazy responses from people already worried about whether or not they're going to be able to get in,'' says Angela Lombardi, general manager...

  • Pink Palace

    There's a refurbished dance floor, which will be flanked by tables and chairs. There's also an enhanced sound system and more lights. But the biggest...

  • Glitterlust is coming to the Phase. Will the plushie be in tow?

    The queer local dance-rock trio Glitterlust, which includes adorable gay bear Mikey Torres on vocals and keyboards, Liz Wooley on backing vocals and guitar and...

  • Rock Steady

    This year may spell the end of PhaseFest -- at least as it has come to be known during its first five years. Next year,...

  • Gurls Gone Wild

    Ashliana Rowe's mother helped her daughter choose a stage name -- to use in performing burlesque. ''I actually emailed my mom,'' says Rowe. '''Mom, I...

  • Rocking Out

    Men will be at Phase 1 this weekend. And by men, organizers don't just mean MEN, the queer electro band featuring JD Samson of Le...

  • Phase 1 40th Anniversary Party [video]

    Phase 1 celebrated its 40th anniversary with a weekend of events. Washington's longest-running lesbian bar is located in the popular 8th Street section of Capitol...

  • 40-Year Phase

    When it comes to pivotal years in LGBT history, 1969 -- year of the late June riots at the Stonewall Inn gay bar in New...

  • Phase Shift

    Nancy Eddy flubbed her debut performance as a singer-songwriter. ''I was so nervous,'' says Eddy. ''I remember I stopped in the middle of a song...

  • Here's to Equality

    ''If it's anything like , I don't know what I'll do,'' says David Perruzza, manager of JR.'s, when asked how many gay rights...




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