November 2-8, 2006

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 2, 2006, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You live in ideologically dangerous times. Are you choosing to live in a state of internal lock-down? Are you resigned to letting the revolution pass you by because it's not flawless in polemic and execution? If you can resolve the dialectic between intensity and perfection, then you will find that thread of compassion that can liberate you from the labyrinth of your terrors. If you get caught up in walking the talk, be certain that you have the right shoes.

Aries: You're looking over your shoulder waiting for the other shoe to drop. Who can blame you? There's a distant rumbling of drums in the hinterlands of your consciousness. It may be time for you to get back to basics and revisit your core choices. Bring an open mind Tuesday.

Taurus: You're walking a mile in somebody's moccasins, but it's not clear whose or how you got hold of them. Enjoy the scenery whilst you consider your options for finding the original owner of your borrowed foot-gear. Is this the Cinderella myth come back to life?

Gemini: Is it a dance if you feel this frightened? Can it be a celebration if everything you hold dear is at stake? Is it an orgy if no one takes their clothes off? You'll be handling conundrums of this ilk all week. The answers have to do with the level of openness you have to your fears.

Cancer: You can see farther than most. You are less afraid of the spectrum of outcomes than you have been in some time. You're ready to bring your best self to the table, and you feel that you're okay with the guaranteed delay on the delivery of the psychological pay-off. Jump.

Leo: If you were to look in the heavens, would there be signs and wonders? A new balance is in your life and it's as precarious as it is challenging. Yet you wouldn't trade this quality of experience for a lesser, safer alternative. Draw lots for the assignment -- you'll get lucky.

Virgo: If you could pack it all away and throw it into the attic with the holiday tchotchkes, would you release this cycle? Try to embrace that which is as dark and difficult as it is necessary. You'll have a hand from one of those helpful animals -- if you can recognize it.

Libra: Sense and sensibility go to war in your overactive brain. You have such delicacy of mind and taste that it's not easy for the world to live up to your standards. Can you alter your demands sufficiently that you allow for some possibility of their fulfillment? Travel west.

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Scorpio: If it were easy, or pretty, you wouldn't want any. You're in the mood for that which is as inaccessible and precious as aluminum before electrostatic processing. Yet, once you have possession, will your acquisition seem as common as tin foil? Bring your attitude.

Sagittarius: You have seen the glory of the world passing and know that the new world order will have all the resonance of the old one. So don't cry for what's gone, but set your sights on the next big adventure. You have some time to recuperate and get your game back on.

Capricorn: If you weren't so short of funds, you wouldn't drive yourself like a runaway freight train in your efforts to get back on an even keel. But if you keep on running yourself into the ground, how are you going to enjoy the fruits of your labors when it comes time to harvest?

Aquarius: You've looked way before you, and you've looked way behind you. Can you look around at the present with the same degree of attention? Set your mind to solving the riddle of the ages. You'll find a reward in the satisfaction you derive from knowing the answers.

Pisces: Relax and let yourself float on the morass of dank and unlovely materials that surface without cease or pity. You can't contain the leak, and it's not your baby in any case. Refuse to get drawn into the fray, and you'll find you're the referee of choice -- since you're impartial.

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