Carrie Megginson

by Carrie Megginson
Published on February 15, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's not the road to nowhere, but it's definitely the scenic route. Don't believe the locals who say you can't get there from here. In fact, you can't get there any other way. You're in for a bumpy ride, but the journey is a goal in its own right. If you don't recognize the ethical plateau you will have scaled before the weekend is over, you'll know it when you finally catch sight of the breathtaking view. Look closely.

Aries: It may not be a good time to sign contracts, but this is an excellent part of the annual cycle for reviewing and revisiting various issues in your dead-letter pile. There's a lot you might circle back to consider. The treasures are as varied as they are unexpected. Return.

Taurus: Sometimes the commencement of a fresh start can look horribly like one more step down the same tired path. Seeds planted in the darkness, and germinated in the depths of winter may take longer to sprout, but their sturdier for their fierce beginnings. Discriminate.

Gemini: You have the hope of a new perspective and wider access to data in order to resolve the nasty conundrum that's been nagging you. Give yourself props for getting as far as you have with as little help as there's been. The missing piece will manifest in a dream.

Cancer: It isn't the riches of the earth that call to you. It's the stability of security born of long-range planning. Yet man plans and God laughs, as the old saw runs. The sanctuary you seek can only be found within. Are you brave enough to risk that internal audit? Descend.

Leo: If you meet yourself coming and going, be sure to be encouraging -- you're all as busy as that. You're more than willing to do what needs to be done to cement this new partnership you're forming. Yet you're concerned about outcomes to the point of distraction. Refocus.

Virgo: It isn't who you know, but what you're willing to do that counts this time around. You don't have to lower your standards, but you may want to enlist the assistance of others in the same boat. Once you're less isolated, you'll be better able to troubleshoot. Call early Friday.

Libra: You're infused with ideas that haven't yet taken their final form. But you're charged up and ready to go with the first likely concept that sticks to the wall when thrown. Do yourself a favor and do a little more homework before rushing willy-nilly to freedom. Wear blue Monday.

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Scorpio: If you're better than all that, then what were you doing lowering yourself to their level? Straighten up and fly right if you want to achieve the most satisfying resolution to the brouhaha. If you're still stuck, ask your inner family of origin for advice regarding conduct.

Sagittarius: You're ready to begin learning the thing you feel you were always meant to know. The subject is difficult, the matter complex and the time commitment is outrageous. Isn't it lucky that you love a really good challenge? Sink your teeth into the fine points.

Capricorn: You're more concerned than ever about the state of your resources. You can manage what there is, but you'd like for there to be more -- as a margin of safety. Brainstorm on Saturday to come up with an effective new marketing initiative. You have the technology.

Aquarius: Simplicity and a lighter schedule may be the best route to re-centering you before spring bursts open again. Make the most of your enforced physical isolation by reaching out through technology. You've got the right idea by the end of the weekend. Now get going.

Pisces: Go to bed early and get up late. You'll want to have as many dreams as possible, and be ready to practice remembering them as you wake. The information you find there will take you through the rag end of winter in better and more prosperous shape than you'd imagined.

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