October 11-17, 2007

by Carrie Megginson
Published on October 11, 2007, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: These are the times that try men's souls -- and women's souls, too. There's an inherent obsession with the details and getting all those pesky ''i's'' dotted and those tricky ''t's'' crossed. At the same time, it can be hard to remember why all of this is so consarned important. Go ahead and take on impossible, endless tasks with enthusiasm. Use the repetitiveness of the activity to allow your higher mind to meditate, ruminate and take a tour of those fabulous castles in the air put by for just such an occasion.

Aries: Sometimes, it's not what you remember, but the context in which those memories are couched. Context is everything this cycle. Read your environment, and you won't have any trouble making the right choice at the right time with the right motivations under you. Think.

Taurus: It's too late to pretend it was someone else's idea in the first place. For a long time, you were loud about what really mattered most. Now you are there with a big red arrow. For a while it will be easier to find faults than points of celebration. Recommit to strategy.

Gemini: You may get dragged into the trouble that's been brewing at the workplace, but you aren't the target -- you're just one of many fish in an indifferent net. That said, you might organize folks into relay teams, or sewing circles or something else to give them hope. Focus.

Cancer: You have the free will to do as you please. Is it the emotional fallout that's got you flummoxed? You could neutralize the actions of the unfriendlies and build yourself a spot of moral high-ground if you could let go of that alleged firsthand evidence you thought you saw.

Leo: Persistence in the face of failure is either very noble or very, very foolish. You could go either way with this one, but you might do well to remember where the project originated and what kinds of inputs constituted your initial impetus. It's there at the roots of right now.

Virgo: If you walk any farther on the wild side, you'll find you've circumnavigated that globe. I hope you brought your soundings and good mapmaking materials. In a sense, you still have a far piece to go, but in a perpendicular line to the one you've already traced.

Libra: You had no idea that you'd lost track of the little things for so long. You had no idea that it could build up into chaos and anarchy so very quickly, based on a modicum of old school inattention. Stop to admire the natural formation, then disassemble it using your wits.

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Scorpio: You would be in your element, except that you appear to have molted off your old form and taken on a new shape, hell, a new phylum. If that's the route you've chosen, it won't be easier, but it will be more rewarding. Let the process mature before forcing it.

Sagittarius: Wouldn't it be lovely if one could still just get on out there and fight for truth, justice and the American way? It would be simpler. But you've got more complicated fish stew brewing up in front of you. If you can't back away, get more closely entwined Tuesday.

Capricorn: Consider the lilies of the field. They toil not, nor do they spin, nor do they live indoors when it's the cold season. This is not the time to oversimplify using old aphorisms. There's only so far these things can take you before you have to stop and do for yourself.

Aquarius: It wasn't the heat, or the humidity. It might have been the electromagnetic fluctuations in the earth's crust as brought on by sun-spot activity. Look for solutions in unusual places. Seek out wisdom in the highest fields. Bring back real-world applications.

Pisces: You could say it's always been like this, but that wouldn't be true. Search your memory for your personal Eden. It's there, tucked away behind your pineal gland, or under your central nervous system bundle. Keep an eye out for interesting irregularities Friday.

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