June 5-11, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on June 5, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Emerging into the light like a butterfly struggling out of a chrysalis may take more out of you than you would expect. The safety of your former constrictions tempts you, but not enough to send you back underground. Continue working towards your most concrete set of goals. Keep in mind that these may undergo a change once you turn your attention to them. The observer affects the observed now more than ever. Position yourself to take maximum benefit of those options still available to you.

Aries: If it's summer, why does it feel like the winter of your discontent? If this is victory, why does it feel like you don't have the chops to throw a triumph? If this is the finish, why do you feel like you have so much farther to go? Don't give up, give in or give out too easily.

Taurus: You may if you wish. You could if you were determined. So what are you waiting for? If you hold out any longer, will it be to your advantage? You may not control the timing on this little foray, but you know who does and what makes them tick. Use the knowledge wisely.

Gemini: You can't help yourself. It's fun and easy to yank the tails of the other animals and then scamper away out of reach. Do you need more attention from your loved ones? Do you need something productive to do with all this newfound free time? Collect your thoughts.

Cancer: Determination helps. Determinism doesn't. You'd do well to reconsider your current emotional conditions. So that you can rebalance your commitments, of course. Every factor plays a part in this. Stay fluid despite the temptation to calcify into a comfortable position.

Leo: Destiny and desire cross swords high on the walls of the castle that is your soul. You've been moving in the one direction for such a long time that you can't remember what it's like to do anything else. Halt your migration. Plant a flag. Declare yourself imbued with success.

Virgo: Why don't you try harder? Aren't there still one or two hours of the week not owned by some external responsibility you've assumed? Could you sleep any less? Okay. What about not going there and playing that? Isn't it your turn to relax and unwind and find a place of calm?

Libra: You've got a trajectory, a system, more than an actual plan. It has built in optional alternatives and contingencies. And yet, this might still be more than you can stand to have on your shoulders just now. Allow yourself to remember your dreams. The answer is there.

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Scorpio: You know there's a cloud out there to go with your nice, shiny silver lining. You're convinced that your joys and victories may only be tasted mixed with the bitter and the sour. You might be right. But you get to choose which part of the experience colors the whole.

Sagittarius: You can make the walls as high as you like, but you can't really protect yourself from the upheaval that's already more than on the way. Make up your mind and decide in your heart that you have the ability to compass a material change in your core assumptions.

Capricorn: You could call it a victory. You could call it the end against which all your means were justified. You could call it your greatest oeuvre. But it's over. You've finished. There's a point at which a goal may only be termed complete. What other impossible thing will you do?

Aquarius: You don't get it because you don't want to get it. Some jokes defy explanation. Some kinds of serendipity just trash the bell curve of probability. Is it luckier, unluckier or just unlikelier that your life is getting? You won't be certain any time soon. Ride the next wave in.

Pisces: You don't mind swaying forward and back like seaweed in a tidal basin. You're easy with seeing what comes next and appreciating it on its own terms. You're in a state of grace, or muzzy-headedness anyway, that allows you to accept all with equanimity and curiosity.

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