July 3-9, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on July 3, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: Are feeling the crunch? Is the pressure building? You might want to check all the relevant gauges to be sure that you've got what you want, where you want it. Now would not be a good time for the system to blow. So take the heat off where possible. Slow down the process. Get an extension. Write yourself an excuse. Appreciate your limitations as well as your victories: both have something to teach you. Keep something in your pouch against need or strategy.

Aries: Set any deadline you please. You'll focus better, push harder and get more done. But at the end of the day, you know the pressure's self-inflicted. Right? As long as you know you had a choice and took it, you'll be honest with yourself. Can you then be false to any man?

Taurus: It's contumely when it isn't true. Could the facts prove otherwise? You are as you are, and your heart is a broad and fertile plain where almost anything can grow at least once. You are nothing if not a patient gardener of your resources. Will you add to the tribe Sunday?

Gemini: Consistency is a pestering hobgoblin. You resist those blandishments to even out your pace, your contributions, your focus. You can't be easily browbeaten -- being slippery as the occasion demands. But there is such a thing as quality control. Take responsibility.

Cancer: Kindness may be highly underrated amongst the virtues -- being neither Roman nor Eastern. But there's a time and a place to extend oneself and make a compassionate case for someone in greater need and direr circumstance. Being thankful may be the first step here.

Leo: Dream as deeply as you dare to find the lucky penny at the bottom of the well of your unconscious mind. The ends of phases in life carry their own rewards and regrets. Nothing ends without purpose. What new thing could you anticipate if you were to stop grieving?

Virgo: Destiny is a bully chasing you down what looks like a blind alley. When you're cornered, where will you go? Can you jump or climb your way out? Can you face down the path that calls you and take a victory in the form of acceptance? You have more options.

Libra: Are you fulfilled in your work? Are you allowed to ask yourself that question? Are you prepared to do anything at all about the answer you conjure for yourself? Bully yourself into doing what you'd rather not, and then befriend your inner bully. Get more done on Monday.

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Scorpio: However you remember your aspirations, remember also how sincerely you felt on those topics. Respect your past, your arc of development. In these, you may find the seeds of your future and how best to nurture them from the perspective of the present. Rethink.

Sagittarius: It's time to jump back into overdrive. You've been chilling and hanging and grooving and loving the slack. But there's so much more yet to do. And your deadlines are creeping up on you like bad underwear. Get the drop on the day unto which evil is sufficient.

Capricorn: You're suspicious. You're wary. You don't consider yourself to be all that -- and yet the feedback from a certain quarter necessitates a rethink. Ordinarily, you're not in the habit of squandering your resources. How will you maximize this new, albeit limited, potential?

Aquarius: Look around. The emphasis is on your personal ethics. The focus is on your own response to the larger situation. You may become a leader, but only if you can follow your inner directive authentically. Get your bodily health back on track sooner rather than later.

Pisces: Walking the talk works for you. It means there's less to remember as you represent the ''truth'' or ''reality'' to others. Don't say one thing if you really mean its opposite. You'll impress all the right people if you can keep your nose clean and stay close to the literal.

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