August 28 - September 3, 2008

by Carrie Megginson
Published on August 28, 2008, 12:00am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: There are a million relevant details -- or is that a million and three? They replicate like tribbles: The more you do, the more there is to do. It's a simple fact of life. Perform triage first and separate the sheep from the white elephants. Next, assemble a crack field team that will have your back when it matters most. You already have the necessary skills, but you have to be able to apply (and know when to apply) them. Try harder.

Aries: You've put off the tedious task for long enough. You can run, but you're a little big to hide in any of the places you've tagged in your head. Time has passed; you're not the spring chicken you once were. Get a professional in to look at where you think the problem is.

Taurus: Not so fast, oh lovely one. You can use your charm and winsome ways to carry you a far way down the block, but there may be corners ahead you're not ready to turn. There may be more to all of this than meets the trusting eye. Bring your skepticism with you everywhere

Gemini: It's ''look but don't touch season.'' It's ''listen, but keep your mouth shut'' time. There's so much going on it's hard not to put your two cents in. Still, you'll cover all kinds of ground and learn all but the secret to eternal life, if you can manage a low profile a little longer.

Cancer: Systems can take you farther down the road than you could have imagined. Get yours into place and you'll have more than one reason to thank yourself before the week is over. Get a Virgo to give you a helping hand and there's nothing you can't accomplish.

Leo: Look it all over. Look again. Are you paying close attention? Have you done all that your powers of observation can manage? Is there anyone else you trust to give it the once over all over again? Don't be in too big a hurry to commit, until you've been as thorough as all that.

Virgo: Get into your best assessment mode. You should be deciding what the next whole year will look like for you. Then get your ducks in a row. It's time, and the omens are propitious as they want to be. But you'll have to be all that to get from here to there. You just go, Girl!

Libra: Walk the talk for the masses. They need to see that you're toeing the party line and carrying forward the good work. In your heart of hearts you can retain that rebel within, the one with the subversive message. You'll find an outlet for your version of reality by Tuesday.

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Scorpio: Carry on, carry it out, carry forward, carry the one. Just keep on going. You'll get there. You'll be glad you tried. You're in the midst of it now. And the only thing that can save you, the only thing keeping you sane, is that community of like-minded souls holding you up.

Sagittarius: The harder you work, the more there is for you to do. The more details you itemize, the more you see each time you look again. Is it endless? Are you clearing the beach with a teaspoon? Cutting down the forest with a herring? It's like a dream: Do it and succeed.

Capricorn: You're in the catbird seat. Your brains are fully functional. Your back is strong enough. Your will is fully developed. You have a full tank and an open heart. You also have the reasoning to allow you to see the best of all possible options, as opposed to the easiest.

Aquarius: It would be more fun and less stressful for you if you let someone else shoulder some of the burden. In fact, it's not yours to carry alone and it's almost insulting to act as though others aren't capable of holding up their end. Eschew patronization for friendliness.

Pisces: Semantics will drive you into a corner sulking every time. Because you can't learn? Because you won't grow up? Because you let others tease you? Let go of all that silliness. Bring your ''A'' game to the table and show them what you're really made of. Wear rayon.

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