November 18-24, 2010

by Carrie Megginson
Published on November 18, 2010, 2:22am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: It's a heavy time. There's a lot going down. And the holidays haven't even gotten off the ground. Yet there's a sense of clearing in the air. You're more than ready to talk out the issues, examine the preconceptions and reformulate your winning approach. It helps that you're not too proud (are you?) to take good advice and well-meaning assistance. It helps that you're readier to be appealing in general. It helps that want everything to work out for the best. Go the distance on Saturday.

Aries: You've looked, but kept your hands in your pockets for long enough. You're ready to take action, but you might ask yourself if this is you in a dream-state, or you in the cold light of day. Some of our choices live with us a long time. Act with cautious abandon.

Taurus: You're done with pussyfooting around. You're over waiting patiently. You're past letting others have their moment in the sun. Now it's your turn. Now you're at the head of the line. Now you're going for it and you're not taking ''later'' for an answer. Wear indigo.

Gemini: You have a list and you're not afraid to lose it. But it would be more useful if you could consult, having put all that time into it already. Could you slip it in your wallet? Could you make a memo to yourself and leave it on your phone? Find a safe place – and don't forget it!

Cancer: You've cast your lot, rolled the dice and scratched off the circle on your ticket. You might have made different choices if you'd had more information. However, you definitely did the best you could with what you knew. Go forward with confidence and good cheer.

Leo: You aren't lost. Your cause isn't lost. Your perspective may be slightly foreshortened, but you haven't really lost that either. So stop standing and mooing. You have more interesting, vital and important things that have a prior claim on your capabilities. Listen.

Virgo: If you give up and walk away, you will find you've lost more than what you'd counted on. If you stay and tough it out, you'll find you gain more than you could possibly have imagined. But you shouldn't have to do anything at the price of your own self-respect.

Libra: You could already be a winner. The news won't get there early. In fact, it may be lost in transit. So don't despair. You'll have to find your patience and hang on until all the snarls are untangled and the intent of the big picture becomes clear. Reserve by Tuesday.

Scorpio: It's not too late. It's not past the realm of possibility. It's not over, and you weren't wrong to put your eggs in that basket. So dust yourself off and reorient yourself vis a vis reality. It's time to make it all come true, and you have the means within your grasp.

Sagittarius: You're more hopeful now than you have been in a long time. You're more grounded now than you have been since you can remember. You're more ready now to ''git 'er done'' than anyone could imagine. Use the force within you for good – and healing – Friday.

Capricorn: It could have come sooner. It could have been more complete. It could have been the last piece of the puzzle. Instead, you've gone so far to solving your concerns that now it's all icing on your cake. Don't be shy about celebrating your achievements. They rock!

Aquarius: You're walking tall, and with reason. Finally, intelligence has triumphed (however briefly) over cronyism. Know-how has taken down tradition. And reason has put superstition in its place. Your victory is real. But don't let your guard down just yet….

Pisces: You are coming out way ahead. So relax. Let your spirit rebuild itself. Listen to your body's needs and attend to them in all seriousness. Listen to the requirements of your soul, and get them filled ASAP. Pay attention to the ephemeral. You will benefit thereby.

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