September 22-28, 2011

by Carrie Megginson
Published on September 22, 2011, 12:49am | Comments

Heavenly Round-Up: You're whipping through your cycle of being and becoming. You're running as fast as you can just to stay in place. You're learning at a rate you'd have called impossible before you hit your zone. And you're wondering how long you'll retain your superhuman powers. Make that hay whilst the sun shines and don't delay in your bettering and widening of self and interests. Once you've taught yourself to believe in yourself, the rest will be a piece of cake. Serve some to your loved ones.

Aries: You believe you're not easy to fool, but that belief may not be supported by the facts. Your very sense of imperviousness makes chinks in your armor. Learn to find your own flaws, and you'll be surprised by how quickly they diminish and how quickly you improve.

Taurus: Can you do the tango? No? But you have a remarkable sense of rhythm and terrific proprioception. Get on with allowing yourself to combine your innate capabilities and burgeoning interests into entirely new and improved versions of yourself. Measure twice.

Gemini: If you could do it without rocking the boat, you'd go for it in a heartbeat. But there's so much at stake, and you can't stand the idea of screwing everything up to go after that one missing piece of your heart. Try to imagine your life whole and without regrets.

Cancer: Are you the best of all possible yous? Could you train yourself into optimism? Not patient understanding. Not constant capacity. Not quiet acceptance. Actual, glass half-full, dyed-in-the-wool optimism? You might be surprised at the difference it could make.

Leo: You want it. And you want it badly enough to fight for it. You want it badly enough to make a scene over it. But do you want it enough that you could work, plan and develop in order to have earned it as well as taken it? Patience is a viable path here. Don't be distracted.

Virgo: You're the best resource you have available. Take a personal inventory and try to get a feel for what you've been leaving out, what you've forgotten, what you've stored in the closet of your subconscious and forgotten altogether. The solution lies within. Look again.

Libra: It wasn't you. It wasn't you. It may have looked like you, but it wasn't. If you repeat this mantra often enough, someone somewhere may even believe you. Sadly, it may well have been you; albeit not you at your best. Get honest. Make amends. Find a better route.

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Scorpio: You wanted to, but you were running behind. Now what will you do to catch up? Have you got a genie in a bottle? Have you got a deus ex machina? Have you got a fairy godmother? Now more than ever you may wish to be your own supernatural solution.

Sagittarius: Neither here nor there is where you've hidden yourself. You've been under some pressure and you don't find it comfortable, let alone tenable. All right. Can you relieve the pressure through your own efforts? Can you ask anyone else for a helping hand?

Capricorn: Look. Look, look, look. See what there is to be seen. Don't make assumptions; you don't have the time and you won't benefit from the lazy way out of learning from your environment. You can do more with less, if you'll only figure out what's really on hand already.

Aquarius: Wouldn't you just love to have it all sorted out? Wouldn't you just love to have all the pieces of the puzzle, and them to fit together cleanly with practically no effort on your part? Too bad. You did get yourself into this one. And you really do have the skills to get out.

Pisces: It's not what you thought it was when you got started. Is your disappointment clouding your vision? It might be even better than what you'd expected, but you'll have to see with a different perspective to make any kind of an honest assessment. Trust yourself more.

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