May 10-16, 2012

By Carrie Megginson
Published on May 10, 2012, 3:31pm | Comments

Heavenly Round Up: What will the wind bring back to you after you blow the dandelion fluff away? What will the tide wash up on the shore after you toss in that message in a bottle? Simple, inconsequential acts bear surprising fruit, in unusual colors and flavors. Frivolous undertakings become watershed moments in the epicycle of life. Will you find profound meaning in that fortune cookie saying? Will you redraw your life's philosophy based on your reaction to an ad slogan on the side of a passing bus? It could happen.

Aries: You're picking up steam. You're headed for unknown territory and new experiences. You have some old business on your plate to clear down before you head off for the distant horizon. Don't forget to pack a few essentials—and make sure your phone is fully charged.

Taurus: You could be a contender. Nope, you are a contender. You're ready to go, and you've got the training and will power to prove it. What will bring you more into line with your field of competition? Research your options, consider your alternatives. Make it so.

Gemini: You're between the horns of dilemma. You're wedged in between a rock and a hard place. You're kind of liking how contained and secure you feel—except of course for the pressure of having to choose and release the other side of the question. Use Sunday.

Cancer: It's not the beginning of the end. It's the end of the beginning. You can cut yourself off from your past, or wall it up in the nacre of memory; but the facts of the matter will remain constant, no matter how far in the past it may be. Face your reality with chocolate.

Leo: You fell for the cosmic irony. You tripped on the sacred banana peel. You were conned by the Ineffable. And there you are: where you never wanted to be making choices you don't like. What if you reframe, find the good and rediscover your sense of humor? Try early.

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Virgo: Up the road and down the road, you find you can travel this part of your life path with your eyes closed. The view is better if you choose to keep them open, but then you might be distracted from your focus by the new and unexpected, and delightfully desirable.

Libra: You've been thinking a lot. You've been chasing your own mental tail, like a kitten in a frenzy. You've been on the fence a long time. Now might be the time to review your long process. Look for flaws in your reasoning. Look for collateral information.

Scorpio: Your lack of delight may transform into a lack of cohesive wellness. Is that your desired outcome? Would you rather be sick than productive? Would you rather be depressed than responsible? You have so many choices. Some of them you'll even like.

Sagittarius: Destiny is out pranking the susceptible again. Will you get taken? Will you hose the hoser? Will you punk the one who would see you punk'd? You've got the chops, and you'll get the props, if you turn this one around before it goes any further. Wear stripes.

Capricorn: Once upon a time you knew what you had to do and how. Now you shake your head in dismay. Don't let the confusion of the present moment overwhelm your capacity to adjust and move forward. You have the structure in place to make the most of opportunity.

Aquarius: You're on the cutting edge and many people are waiting to see what your position is before committing to their own stance. Are you ready for that much leadership responsibility? Are you ready to make the scene as a king-maker? Call early on Friday.

Pisces: You would if you could, but you can't see around the mountain of obstruction. What if you shift your perspective? Either look within to find a different point of view, or change your physical location to offer you a fresh vantage point. Ask a helpful Taurus.

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