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No Nest Yet

Landlord for the DC Eagle grants longtime leather bar an extension as it continues the hunt for a new home

As the saying goes, rumors of the demise of the DC Eagle are greatly exaggerated.

Of course, there was that Facebook invitation to a Nov. 24 ”moving party” that encouraged people to ”make their last mark on the Eagle,” under the assumption that, as Metro Weekly reported in July, the Eagle’s lease was set to expire Dec. 1. That expiration was set in motion in June when the Douglas Development Corporation, owner of the building at 639 New York Ave. NW housing the Eagle, exercised its right to terminate the lease with the bar three years early.

But Peter Lloyd, one of the DC Eagle’s co-owners, said that the bar was able to enlist the invaluable help of the advisory neighborhood commissioners from ANC 2C – Kevin Chapple, Alex Padro, Rachelle Nigro and Doris Brooks – to convince Douglas Development to give the bar a four-month extension.

”We’re not closing!” Lloyd emphasizes. ”We can definitely say we’re going to be there for Christmas and through New Year’s,” Lloyd told Metro Weekly. ”We’re not going anywhere for now.”

That extension also covers the area’s biggest leather event of the year, the Centaur MC’s Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend featuring the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather contest, Jan. 11 to 14, 2013.

As for the ”moving party,” it has now been re-labeled a ”reprieve party.” As for the directions to ”make a mark” on the Eagle, Lloyd asks that revelers exercise some common sense.

”Have fun, but within the law,” he says. ”We still need to be able to work with an ANC. We can have absolutely no blemishes on our record.”

Contrary to rumors, Lloyd confirms the DC Eagle has yet to secure any new roost. The whole process – from finding an eligible property, to inspections, to license transfer, etc. – will take months, Lloyd says.

He adds that DC Eagle owners are still offering shares in the new operation, wherever it may end up, and that those interested in investing can do so by calling the DC Eagle, 202-347-6025, and speaking with Lloyd or co-owner Ted Clements.

”We’ve looked all over the city, but we haven’t found anything yet,” says Lloyd. ”When we get a letter of intent signed, you’ll be the third person we call, after the realtors and the lawyers.”

John Riley is the local news reporter for Metro Weekly. He can be reached at