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Duo breaks new ground with photography guide for same-sex weddings

(Photo by Jen Lynne Photography)

”It is a visual feast,” Hamm says of her creation, which grew beyond a how-to guide into something much more comprehensive.

”We wrote it with photographers in mind, because we noticed there is a gap in education for photographers,” says Hamm. ”We also wrote it knowing that engaged couples would find it interesting and helpful when they think about hiring photographers. We knew that there would be a lot of folks in the general population who would be curious and interested to see the wide variety of couples. … While it’s a very clear tool – we don’t get technical about the f-stop and aperture – but we do get technical about pose suggestions, and use certain words like ‘crop’ and ‘layering,’ things that will mean a little something more to photographers, but that people like you and me still get.”

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