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Beyond June: Pride celebrations continue across the U.S.

Atlanta is just one of many cities hosting "pos-June" Pride celebrations. Photo courtesy of Atlanta Pride

Atlanta is just one of many cities hosting “post-June” Pride celebrations. Photo courtesy of Atlanta Pride

Did you miss Deborah Cox at Los Angeles Pride back at the beginning of June or at Toronto’s WorldPride this past weekend? Well, don’t worry.  You still have the opportunity to catch her before the end of 2014 at San Diego Pride, Hampton Roads Pride or South Carolina Pride.

While it could be that everyone wanted Deborah Cox to entertain or concern about weather (June can be extremely hot in Palm Springs) or a desire to be different (why compete against New York City or San Francisco when you don’t have to) or a scheduling issue (look how hard it is to get a bunch of divas to agree on a spot for brunch), not every LGBT Pride celebration happens in June.  As a matter of fact, there are more than two-dozen U.S. Pride events between July and December. 

According to research by Community Marketing, Inc., which specializes in gay travel market research, Pride remains the top LGBT event influencing travel decisions.  And why shouldn’t it, a Pride celebration is a great opportunity to explore a new destination or return to a favorite local.

Here is a calendar of remaining Pride events for 2014:

July 11 to 16 – Tacoma, Washington

July 18 to 20 – San Diego, California

July 19 to 20 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

August 2 – Dover, Delaware

August 2 to 10 – Charleston, North Carolina

August 9 – Eugene, Oregon

August 16 – Reno, Nevada

August 18 to 23 – Norfolk, Virginia

August 22 to 23 – Lansing, Michigan

August 22 to 24 – Toledo, Ohio

September 5 to 6 – Las Vegas, Nevada

September 5 to 7 – Lincoln City, Oregon

September 6 to 7 – Roanoke, Virginia

September 13 to 21 – Austin, Texas

September 14 – Burlington, Vermont

September 20 – Pasadena, California

September 21 – Dallas, Texas

September 27 – Durham, North Carolina

September 20 – Columbia, South Carolina

September 27 – Memphis, Tennessee 

October 6 to 12 – Orlando, Florida

October 11 – Oceanside, Califorinia

October 11 to 12 – Atlanta, Georgia

October 18 – Tucson, Arizona

November 8 to 9 – Palm Springs, California



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