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Reel Affirmations Xtra: Jewel’s Catch One

Jewel's Catch One screens at Reel Affirmations Xtra on Friday night

Jewel’s Catch One

As the Black History Month screening in its monthly film series, Reel Affirmations presents C. Fitz’s documentary about Jewel Thais-Williams, proprietor of one of the nation’s first black discos.

Known as “the unofficial Studio 54 of the West Coast,” Jewel’s Catch One became a safe haven for Los Angeles’ black LGBTQ community for four decades before closing in 2015.

Rayceen Pendarvis of The Ask Rayceen Show hosts the screening Friday, Feb. 17, at 7 p.m. HRC Equality Center, 1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW. Tickets are $12, or $25 for VIP seating as well one complimentary cocktail, beer or wine and popcorn. Call 800-777-4723 or visit

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