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A reminder: Trump once said he would “fight” for the LGBTQ community

Donald Trump's administration chose to attack transgender children, because apparently he has nothing better to do

Donald Trump, Photo: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

This is just a Public Service Announcement to remind you that, once again, Donald Trump lied to us.

As the LGBTQ community goes into meltdown over the announcement that the Trump administration will rescind Obama-era protections for transgender students — because there’s apparently nothing more important for Trump to be doing as president than ruining the lives of trans kids — let’s remember the good old days of the campaign, when Trump was our best friend.

Yes, just 8 months ago, Trump tweeted that he would “fight” for us, because former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would “threaten your freedoms and beliefs.”

And of course, let’s not forget that time he awkwardly said the letters “L G B T Q” at the Republican National Convention. He loved us!

Oh, and he was totally okay with Caitlyn Jenner using whatever restroom she pleased in Trump Tower. He supported our rights!

Liberal LGBTQ activists were simply overreacting when they suggested he might try to roll back our rights. Trump would never do that!


We’ve watched as Trump stocked his administration with anti-LGBTQ voices. We’ve watched as the rumor mill questioned just what he would do first to impact LGBTQ rights. We’ve watched as he nominated a Supreme Court justice who will do nothing for the LGBTQ community.

We’ve watched as he ignored the pleas of hundreds of parents not to remove protections that kept their transgender children safe.

Keep watching, because it isn’t over yet.

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