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Doug Jones’ gay son side-eyed VP Mike Pence and it was amazing

Carson Jones glaring at the anti-gay Vice President is our new everything

Photo: Carson Jones / Instagram

Democrat Doug Jones was sworn in as a U.S. Senator yesterday — but its his gay son’s incredible side-eye that has social media going crazy.

Carson Jones, who came out publicly after his father bested homophobe Roy Moore in the Alabama special election last year, was caught on camera side-eyeing Vice President Mike Pence.

Making the whole thing even better is that VP Pence is a known homophobe who fights against LGBTQ rights.

Jones posted the photo to Instagram with the sly hashtag “nocaptionneeded” — but that didn’t stop the internet from taking it and running with it.

Matt Donnelly, entertainment reporter at The Wrap, issued a simple challenge:

Twitter, once again, had already delivered the goods:

As an added bonus, local Twitter account DCHomos revealed an even gayer twist to Jones’ amazing moment. He was apparently wearing a rainbow boutonnière, hidden just out of sight in the image.

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