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Watch: Sufjan Stevens releases music video to “Call Me By Your Name” song “Mystery of Love”

Stevens has been shortlisted for two Academy Awards for the songs he created for Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name

Sufjan Stevens has released a music video for his song “Mystery of Love,” part of the soundtrack for gay coming-of-age drama Call Me By Your Name.

The video features clips from the critically acclaimed film, as well as scenes from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples, Italy.

Stevens contributed three songs to the film’s soundtrack, with both “Mystery of Love” and “Visions of Gideon” being shortlisted for Best Original Song at the 2018 Academy Awards. The final nominations will be announced Jan. 23.

Although Stevens was snubbed for the Golden Globes, which take place this Sunday, Jan. 7, Call Me By Your Name is up for three awards: Best Actor for Timothée Chalamet, Best Supporting Actor for Armie Hammer, and Best Drama.

Watch the full music video below, and check out our feature interview with Call Me By Your Name’s director and screenwriter here!

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