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Republican claims Pete Buttigieg would die in office because of HIV and homosexual “perversion”

Former lawmaker Don Boys also wants to know where Buttigieg stands on various sexual acts

Mayor Pete Buttigieg — Photo: Human Rights Campaign / YouTube

In a stunningly homophobic rant, a former Republican lawmaker has claimed Pete Buttigieg would die in office if elected President because of HIV and his homosexual “perversion.”

Former Indiana state Rep. Don Boys recently posted an article titled “Pete, Since You Brought it Up, How ‘Gay’ Are You?” on his website Common Sense for Today.

“I, as a voter, have a right to know just how ‘gay’ Pete is,” Boys wrote. “After all, he wants to be President of the United States and I want to know where he stands on important issues.”

But those “issues” were instead a series of dangerous, bizarre, and homophobic stereotypes about gay men and those living with HIV.

In the article, Boys erroneously claims that “all homosexuals are aware that their lifespan is about 20 years less than for normal people,” and as such voters should know that Buttigieg would “not live to finish his term” as president.

Boys then demands to see Buttigieg’s “complete medical records” to make sure the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, isn’t HIV-positive.

“About 20% of homosexual men are infected with HIV and about half of them do now know it,” Boys claims without citing any evidence. “Don’t voters have a right, even an obligation, to know a candidate’s health status since the candidate’s health is always an issue? Is a homosexual candidate an exception? If so, why?”

Boys then claims that gay people “do many dangerous things,” calls gay people “notoriously promiscuous,” and says it is “known that even the most devoted and long-lasting homosexual relationships are usually not monogamous.”

“Each partner normally reserves a night out each week to ‘play the field,'” Boys claims. “Will Pete admit that that is too ‘gay?'”

Boys then goes into graphic detail about gay sexual encounters, including how often gay people “ingest semen,” how many gay people participate in “golden showers,” the mechanics of fisting, and even claiming that gay people “use carrots, bottles, flashlights, (even gerbils!)” for anal insertion.

It’s a level of detail and claimed research surprising for a man who finds such sex acts so heinous — though Boys apparently draws the line at rimming, which he calls “so disgusting that I won’t continue to explain it.”

Boys also repeatedly puts the word marriage in quotation marks when referencing Buttigieg’s marriage to husband Chasten.

He says that referring to Chasten as Buttigieg’s husband is “asinine, aberrant, and not accurate,” and instead repeatedly calls him Buttigieg’s “lover,” and says that “Pete and his lover chose to make their perversion a very public matter.”

The former lawmaker also slammed Time magazine for a cover featuring Pete and Chasten Buttigieg, saying its “rush to gush is typical of the leftist media who are willing to promote anything that is anti-biblical, anti-common sense, and anti-decency.”

The landmark cover branded the couple “First Family” and featured them outside their home in South Bend, while referencing the “unlikely, untested and unprecedented campaign of Mayor Pete Buttigieg.”

Boys also praises evangelical preacher and Donald Trump supporter Franklin Graham for saying that Buttigieg should “repent” for being gay.

Unfortunately for Boys, his article is likely to do little to derail Buttigieg’s campaign, which recently saw him receive a standing ovation from a Fox News audience after calling out the network’s own hosts and slamming Donald Trump’s tweets as “grotesque.”

Buttigieg has also endured a number of homophobic comments and protests during his campaign for president, including a bizarre protest in Iowa which saw a protester dressed as Buttigieg whipping Jesus on the cross while the Devil watched.

Boys, meanwhile, is no stranger to making outrageous statements. Last year, he weighed in on sexual assault allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying the bible didn’t consider the alleged attack rape because “no scream, no rape according to Deuteronomy.”

He also claimed in 2017 that “homosexuals don’t exist,” instead arguing that gay people are just “heterosexuals that reject common sense, refuse biblical truth, and repeat the horrific sins of Sodom resulting in His judgment.”

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