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Televangelist believes Equality Act will be as devastating to America as “atomic war”

Pat Robertson said God would punish America if the landmark LGBTQ rights bill succeeds

Televangelist and Trump supporter Pat Robertson believes that the Equality Act would be as devastating to America as “atomic war.”

Robertson, known for a history of anti-LGBTQ statements, made the comments on his show The 70 Club.

A landmark LGBTQ rights bill, the Equality Act would amend federal civil rights laws to prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ individuals in employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally-funded programs and jury service.

But Robertson urged his viewers to contact lawmakers and demand they vote against it.

“They always give good names to these things,” he said. “This is a devastating blow to religious freedom and to the sanctity of America. If you want to bring the judgement of God on this nation, you keep this stuff up.

“I was reading in Leviticus where it said because of these things the land will vomit you out. Vomit you out,” he continued. “I think God will say, ‘I’ve had it with America, if you do this kind of stuff I’m going to get rid of you as a nation.’”

Robertson then suggested that the Equality Act would be equal in terms of its devastation to “atomic war.”

“There’s plenty of stuff that’s going on,” Robertson added. “When you look at the potential of atomic war, when you look at the solar strike, something where they can go down the line of devastation that could happen to our nation. We don’t want that. We want the blessing of God.”

Robertson’s latest anti-LGBTQ rant comes after he said in February that gay people want to destroy “the whole fabric of society so long as they and their weird way of doing sex is legitimized.”

And in March, he once again referenced nuclear war in an attack on the Equality Act, claiming people would “perish” if it passed.

“When you figure one percent max of the nation are lesbians and maybe two percent max are homosexuals, and now they’ve got this whole thing about gender transition, where little boys decide they want to be girls,” he said. “They want men to go into women’s bathrooms and women’s locker rooms… the whole thing is chaotic.”

He continued: “The Bible says, when there is no vision of God, the people perish, and we have gone to the point where God will give us up…. We’re threatened by nuclear attacks from Iran and North Korea, cyber attacks from China and Russia… the whole world wants to destroy America and it cannot succeed if the American people will hold onto their faith in God.”

Robertson has a long history of making extreme anti-LGBTQ comments in the name of religion.

He previously claimed that gay-affirming churches and gay-supportive Christians are “leading people down the road to perdition,” and anti-LGBTQ Christians should “stay far away from them.”

He also claimed that same-sex marriage would lead to the legalization of bestiality and polygamy.

“They’ve said abortion is a constitutional right. Homosexuality is a constitutional right. They’ve now said that homosexual marriage is a constitutional right,” he said. “Watch what happens, love affairs between men and animals are going to be absolutely permitted. Polygamy, without question, is going to be permitted. And it will be called a right.”

And in a separate tirade, Robertson — who seems somewhat obsessed with same-sex sexual relations and bestiality — said that gay people would start forcing heterosexuals to have anal sex.

“They’re going to make you conform to them,” he said. “You are going to say you like anal sex, you like oral sex, you like bestiality, you like anything you can think of, whatever it is.”

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