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  • Summer’s Sassy Songs

    Ah, summertime, when the living is easy — and the music is hard-hitting. At least the biggest songs of summer have been pretty feisty for...

  • Kelly's Dilemma

    Kelly Rowland is a tease. Take a few headlines over the past year as evidence. ''Kelly Rowland Tries Disco for Third Album.'' ''Kelly Rowland's Album...

  • Pride's Destiny

    ''When love takes over, you know you can't deny,'' sings Kelly Rowland on the infamous love anthem by DJ David Guetta. Rowland herself will take...

  • Hit Parade

    Summer is officially over, which means you should hear less of the season's leading club anthem. And that's all to the good. Because if you...

  • Soundwaves

    ABBA MAMMA MIA, HERE THEY GO AGAIN... Forget The Dark Knight. Oh sure, it's raking it in at the box office, on track to break...




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