All posts tagged "rand paul"

  • Rand Paul’s same-sex marriage balancing act

    Libertarian vs. GOP presidential candidate?

  • Obey Your Thirst

    The post-State of the Union social media explosion of mirth over Sen. Marco Rubio's slurp heard round the world — a phrase that appeared so...

  • The GOP's Grand Seizure

    A fast-moving line of violent thunderstorms known as a derecho hit Washington after nightfall the day after the Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable...

  • Raucous Caucus

    If nothing else, the Iowa caucuses kicked off the year with an inadvertently entertaining bang. After months of a rotating circus of second-tier candidates taking...

  • We Fight On

    With all due respect to Log Cabin Republicans, who welcomed the new House majority last week, getting pro-gay legislation out of soon-to-be Speaker John Boehner...

  • Slim Pickings

    I spent my Tuesday evening looking for bright spots. Not bright spots like, ''Thank you, Lord, for not sending Christine O'Donnell to the Senate or...

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