All posts tagged "weight lifting"

  • The real secret to looking like you work out

    I see it every day in the gym. The flat bench press and curl stations have lines forming — sometimes out the door. Set after...

  • Fit to Be Linked 11/18/13

    The V-Sit is a gymnastic movement that is a goal of many body weight exercise enthusiasts. Here is a wonderful tutorial video that contains the...

  • FitWeb: Weekly Links

    The jury is still out on the different types of muscle fibers and what exactly they accomplish in the body. However, it doesn’t hurt to...

  • Fit To Be Linked

    I’ve always had a personal struggle in the gym, specifically when moving up in weight during an exercise. After reading an article over at T-Nation...

  • Fit Web: Weekly Links

    Another week falls off the calendar as everyone’s fitness is improving (at least I hope so!). We’ve decided to move the weekly links to Mondays...

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