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  • Queer Cat

    The Black Cat has long been a haven for the alternative queer scene

  • Mixtape returns to the Black Cat

    The party returns this Saturday, March 14

  • Peach Pit turns 5 next weekend at DC9

    Matt Bailer's Peach Pit turns 5 next weekend at DC9

  • Cracking Up

    ''I can't imagine being 53 and working until 4 in the morning every weekend night,'' sighs Shea Van Horn, ''but I can't imagine myself not...

  • Mixtape Master

    ''Coffee is my vice,'' laughs Matt Bailer. ''I literally drink coffee when I'm DJ-ing at Nellie's. It's kind of the running joke around there.'' Bailer,...

  • Perfect Mix

    ''In all of these three years, favorite moments are often the last song that we play,'' says Shea Van Horn. For example, at the July...

  • Mixmasters

    ''The moment you walk in it doesn't feel like any other night you go out,'' says Shea Van Horn, about the monthly party Mixtape he...