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  • Mary Fahl: Freddie’s Beach Bar has “the best karaoke in the world”

    Mary Fahl will appear at the Hamilton with a full band and, quite possibly, her well-known gay brother-in-law

  • Purple Passion: Freddie Lutz

    Freddie Lutz, owner of Freddie's Beach Bar, gives 110% to everything he does -- including donating to Dining Out for Life

  • Put a Bonnet on It

    JR.'s and Freddie's offer annual Easter bonnet contests on Sunday

  • Purple Passion: Freddie’s Turns 15

    Freddie Lutz celebrates 15 years of his kitschy purple paradise

  • Arlington Honors

    While Virginia's political landscape may leave the collective gay community cold, there is one spot that's managed to buck the commonwealth's trend, standing out as...

  • Aural Fixation

    It's hard to take a radio show seriously when it gets its name from a gay stereotype. ''Swish'' was used once upon a time to...

  • Freddie Lutz

    Freddie Lutz is a curious mix of the old and the new - with a signature splash of purple. First, consider that Lutz has lived...

  • Hello, Heroes

    The Capital Pride Planning Committee, the body responsible for Washington's annual Capital Pride celebration, has selected six people to be honored as this year's Capital...

  • Flamingo Road

    You don't have to freeze your fanny out in the cold in order to smoke a cigarette at Freddie's Beach Bar & Restaurant. Jennifer Michie,...

  • Freddie's Funhouse

    ''Take Jimmy Buffett and a drag queen, mix them together and add lots of purple,'' says Tony Rivenbark. And what does that get you? Freddie's...

  • Dawson's Discount

    The phrase ''Charity begins at home'' is open to some interpretation. Local musician Sharon Dawson is living one possible interpretation, with her newly-released discount card...