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Aisha C. Moodie-Mills: Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump,

Aisha Moodie-Mills – Photo: Julian Vankim / File photo

As leader of the nation for the next four years, it is imperative you declare unequivocal support for LGBT equality, and vow to protect and expand our rights while in office. The vast majority of Americans now support equal rights for LGBT people, regardless of party or ideology, race or religion. The widespread acceptance is what makes your appointees especially disturbing, given their almost universal hostility to our community and equality. I urge you direct your Cabinet to maintain agency policies inclusive of LGBT people, and to include our community in policy and decision-making.

Your appointees must emulate the example of LGBT elected officials from across the nation, who make the values of inclusion, fairness and justice the foundation of their policy decisions. LGBT elected officials understand the diversity of America, because our community cuts across demographics — we are women, people of color, immigrants, Jewish and Muslim. They understand true leadership is working to improve the lives of all Americans, and that diversity and inclusion is what makes America great.

It is these LGBT elected leaders who will hold your administration accountable for embodying those values of inclusion, fairness and justice. LGBT elected officials are unified and energized like never before, and they promise to support you in efforts to promote equality, or to be your most vocal opponents if you attempt to derail our progress. They will certainly be a strong voice for our community regardless of the path you choose.

Mr. President, our movement for equality is a moral one, and the legacy of your administration will be determined in part by your positions on our issues. Leave behind the rhetoric of the campaign and focus on bettering the lives of all Americans.

Aisha C. Moodie-Mills

President & CEO
Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute

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