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Alicia Garza: Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump,

Like many others, I too was shocked and saddened when you claimed victory on November 8, 2016. I was and am extremely critical of Hillary Clinton, yet I chose to vote for her because you and your administration pose a greater threat to humanity than Hillary Clinton ever could.

Unfortunately, I was correct. I worry about the world that my children will inherit with you at the helm. I blame the GOP for supporting you and attempting to legitimize you, and for lacking the integrity needed to stand up and call this and you out for what it is and what you are — a threat to the promise of the America all of you claim to care so much about.

Alicia Garza - Photo: Kristin Little Photography

Alicia Garza – Photo: Kristin Little Photography

When Mike Pence defends your attacks on a civil rights leader, or when Paul Ryan praises your use of social media when you use those tools to shame, bully, threaten and intimidate, it shows me that the problem is much bigger than a difference in values — the problem is a lack of integrity and basic human decency. Fortunately, they will be remembered for being on the wrong side of history, when faced with the opportunity to show the rest of the nation how they would lead and who they would exercise leadership for.

I’ve been held hostage by your kind of values before — like with what happened with Proposition 8 in California in 2008. My partner and I got legally married the day of my grandfather’s funeral because we wanted to make sure that your brand of hate didn’t keep us from enjoying the same rights that others in America enjoy. We stood in limbo for years while our rights were debated by the courts.

Ultimately, we won. We organized, stayed focused, and fought for the future that we all deserve.

When I look at your administration, all I see is this nation moving backwards. A good ol’ boys club, hanging on to the vestiges of a past that is forever in the past. A party that is afraid of change. An endless sea of old white men with a sprinkling of older white women and little to no people of color. I know that you have no intention of making America great — the America you referred to was not great. You will make America make money for you and your friends, and let’s just be honest that this is what you truly care about. You represent America’s past, but you surely do not represent America’s future. And I, for one, will fight like hell to make sure we have a future to look forward to.


Alicia Garza

Co-creator of the Black Lives Matter network, an organization you and people associated with you, like Rudy Giuliani and David Clarke, have hinted that you would like to designate as a domestic terrorist organization.

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