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Rea Carey: Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump,

We are LGBTQ people and we are resilient.

Rea Carey — File photo

Having lived in Washington, D.C. since 1989, I’m used to the passing of the presidential baton from one party to another with opposing policy arguments and the requisite bipartisan banter. I’ve watched the ever-increasing polarization of American political parties, but your actions during the campaign and in these days leading up to Inauguration have demarcated an altogether different era. And while your tweets are headline news, we view them as harmful distraction away from what really matters: freedom, justice and equity for the people of this nation.

LGBTQ people and our families are part of every community in this nation and we are standing together. We stand with non-LGBTQ people. We resist your attempts through words or actions to dehumanize any of us, to discriminate against any of us just because of who we are. We have each other’s backs — an attack on any community is an attack on us all.

If Muslims are attacked, we stand together. If Black people are attacked, we stand together. If Jews are attacked, we stand together. If transgender people, or immigrants, or women are attacked, we stand together. If government workers are attacked, we stand together. If people with disabilities are attacked, we stand together.

Welcome to Washington. We are watching.

Rea Carey

Executive Director
National LGBTQ Task Force

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